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Required Finance Postings

Federal Grant Award:
Federal grant award internet posting requirements do not apply to federal awards that are passed through state agencies. Federal awards received by Mount Vernon ISD pass through either the Texas Education Agency or the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Financial Transparency:
Capital Appreciation Bonds - None as of 12-7-16

Debt Disclosures:
Debt Transparency 8-31-2015
Debt Disclosures 8-31-2016
Debt Disclosures 8-31-2017
Debt Disclosures 8-31-2018
Debt Disclosures 8-31-2019
Debt Disclosures 8-31-2020
Debt Transparency 8-31-2021

Debt Transparency 8-31-2022

Property Tax Ordinance - Approved August 21, 2017

Tax Rate Trend Information:
Tax rate trend information is posted by the Franklin County Tax Assessor Collector as required by Tax Code 26.16.