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Curriculum Overview

TEKS Resource System is the online curriculum management system adopted by Mount Vernon ISD to manage the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Kindergarten through grade 12 in the areas of mathematics, English language arts and reading, science, and social studies. This management system is supervised by the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC) between 20 Educational Service Centers in Texas. Other non-core subjects such as Fine Arts, Career and Technical Education, and Languages other than English also align with the TEKS and utilize instructional resources available in their specific content fields. 

Mount Vernon ISD believes that a strong vertical alignment plan and focused curricular units of study are crucial to the educational development of our students. Teachers focus on the specificity of the TEKS within the units of study and create instructional plans that support the learning objectives. 


Helpful Links:

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
TEKS Resource System 
Accessing Your Child's STAAR Scores 

  • STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) began in the 2011-2012 school year and replaced TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills). STAAR is administered to students in grades 3 through 8 and to students taking high school level courses in Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and U.S. History. The assessments are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. 

    The STAAR is available in a variety of formats to serve students who are in the general education program, the special education program, or who are English language learners. 

    Students will receive annual assessments for:

    • reading and mathematics, grades 3-8

    • writing at grades 4 and 7

    • science at grades 5 and 8

    • social studies at grade 8

    • end-of-course (EOC) assessments for Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and U.S. History

    Student Success Initiative

    The Student Success Initiative (SSI) grade advancement requirements apply to enrolled grades 5 and 8 students who take the STAAR reading and mathematics tests at grades 5 and 8. It was enacted by the 76th Texas Legislature in 1999 and modified by the 81st Texas Legislature in 2009.

    As specified by these requirements, a student may advance to the next grade level only by passing these tests or by unanimous decision of his or her grade placement committee that the student is likely to perform at grade level after additional instruction.

    The goal of the SSI is to ensure that all students receive the instruction and support they need to be academically successful in reading and mathematics. This effort depends greatly on schools, parents, and community members working in partnership to meet individual student needs.

    Helpful Links:

    TEA Testing Calendar 
    TEA Assessment Resources 

  • Mount Vernon ISD provides a gifted and talented program for those students who perform at, or shows the potential for performing at, a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area, possesses an unusual capacity for leadership; or excels in a specific academic field. Below is a link to the MVISD Program Guide, along with other information regarding gifted and talented guidelines.

    Gifted and Talented Program Guide (Eng)

    Gifted and Talented Program Guide (Span)

    Gifted and Talented Nomination Information (Eng)

    Gifted and Talented Nomination Information (Span)

    Nomination Form (Eng)

    Nomination Form (Span)

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides opportunities for Mount Vernon students to learn the academic, technical, and training skills necessary to succeed in future careers. CTE prepares students for the world of work by hands-on context, workplace proficiency, and rigorous program standards. 

    Helpful Links:
    Texas Workforce Commission 
    TEA Career and Technical Education 
    New CTE Programs of Study
    Approved Industry Based Certifications 

  • Mount Vernon ISD students whose home language is a language other than English are assessed for English language proficiency. If a student demonstrates limited English proficiency on a state approved assessment, the student will be eligible for enrollment in the appropriate language program: bilingual education or English as a Second Language (ESL).

    The goal of the Bilingual/ESL program is to enable English language learners to become competent in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing of the English language through the development of literacy and academic skills in grade level content areas.

    Helpful Links:
    TAC Chapter 89

    Supporting English Learners in Texas 
    English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)